JSlogocolor House Concert Folk Alliance International


Recommendations from Artists

Daniel Boling - Pam and James are lovely folks, and so are their friends! A small crowd, but great listeners who thoroughly enjoyed the evening (and brought some excellent food too!) Ellen and I were happy to be back in Huntsville. Adding a Sunday morning gig at the UU Church to the Sunday evening House Concert made a good combination and doubled the income.

Roy Schneider Duo - We enjoyed playing this show. Respectful crowd, nice neighborly downhome vibe. The Johnsons felt like old friends right away and were wonderful hosts. Plenty of good eats, good coffee and a comfortable stay. James made the show easy for us by running sound (*very well, I will add), and even went as far as providing us with a CD recording of our show. Many thanks, James & Pam!

Dan Weber - Pam and James are wonderful hosts! They have a cozy living room and James (a professional musician himself) runs sound and recorded a great sounding copy of my show. It was a super turnout, and their family and friends made me feel like part of the ‘Family’. They were a great audience too---they laughed and sang along and helped me close out the tour with one last really fun show. Pam and James are the kind of folks that make house concerts really special! Would Love to come back again!

J.R. Byrd - This was my second appearance at the Johnson Studio! I liked the fact that this concert was on a Sunday night which is a harder to book night for me. I've never slept over since I only live 3.5 hours away, but the accommodations are inspiring! Such a great audience, and I got leads for more house shows in the future. They set up a PA for me, and made vegetarian food I could eat.

(after first concert) Pam and James Johnson were very gracious hosts, and they gave me a great opportunity to play for their friends and family who were very generous with their money and their attention. I felt right at home as soon as I arrived in Huntsville. James set up PA speakers for me so the set up was very easy and I could really focus on the music and eating. I’m really looking forward to playing at the Johnson Studio again soon.

Flagship Romance
- We had a great time with Pam & James! They are big music-lovers. The show was intimate & the crowd was attentive, quiet, & polite! James was even nice enough to record our entire set, which is always a treat when you're traveling. We enjoyed getting to know them & their friends! The two of them work really hard to raise awareness & interest in the underground house concert network.

John Batdorf - I played this series with James Lee Stanley and can't wait to go back! Pam is a great host and a good time was had by all!!!

Connie Mims - From the moment you enter their home, Pam & James Johnson provide a warm, congenial and comfortable environment for the performers and for their guests. Texan hospitality at its best! James gave me a recording of the show he had made afterwards. Party favors! Big thumbs up from me, and I hope I'm invited back!